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Restore the old Alviso Community Center


This is a photo of the Alviso school house built in 1900, the building next to it later became the Alviso Community Center.


This beautiful structure located near the Alviso Post Office was first used as a school house for kids living in and around Alviso. It was later used as a community center for many years until the construction of the Alviso Library by the Alviso Park. Although the Alviso Library has a community room it isn't efficient enough to fulfill the needs of the community. Alviso residents deserve a space to conduct meetings and community gatherings without the burden of confining to the library's hours of operation. Once renovated the community center will be used as an information center for Alviso residents and visitors. It will be a spot for community members to ask for help or to express any concerns they might have in Alviso.  Another use will be to host community meet ups and events. An additional plan with much importance is to eventually use it for educational courses and summer camps for Alviso youth. 

Let’s Work Together

Alviso as a community needs a safe space to prosper. AIA needs your help to renovate the old community center. When completed this will provide Alviso with a vital hub for residents. Although this is a major project and will take a considerable amount of financial means, Alviso In Action looks forward in cooperating with local non-profits, groups, and individuals to accomplish this goal. With the last estimate of 1 million dollars to refurbish this 800 square foot building. By working with community partners AIA believes we may be able to lower that cost. By fundraising money for this effort and applying for grants we await all the possibilities this will bring the Alviso Community. 

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