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Alviso's Distinct Environment

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay, Alviso Bay Trails 

In the heart of California's high-tech industry lies a wildlife oasis in an urban sea with 30,000 acres of habitat for millions of migratory birds and endangered species. Established in 1972 through local activism, the refuge provides not only critical habitat for threatened and endangered species, but opportunities for people to enjoy the benefits of nature. (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Bay Trails

Located at the Don Edwards Alviso refuge and the Alviso Marina Park are the trail entrances. There is a 9 mile loop and 3.3 miles loop trail. 

Not only do people call Alviso home, there are multiple endangered species that also do to. Alviso has a very diverse environment due to its location in the South Bay Area. Alviso is truly a town like no other. Now with new development encroaching on the natural habitats of these species we have an important role in helping protect them. 

Endangered and Threatened Species in Alviso

Alviso has a diverse array of species that live here. Some of the species are State and Federally identified as endangered. Below are some of the endangered (E) and threatened (T) species in Alviso that we need to protect by preserving their natural environment. 

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Burrowing Owl Habitat

Fortunately, there has been land protected to preserve the Burrowing Owl population in Alviso. This land is located near Disk Drive starting from current day Redemption Church to Grand Boulevard.


Environmental Concerns

Alviso doesn't have the cleanest past but we plan on leaving it cleaner then before. By acknowledging polluted areas we can protect the public from any environmental harm. An EPA study in 1993 has found asbestos in some of the dirt in Alviso which may become dust particles that people breathe in. It is important to pave over any dirt roads to limit dust in the Alviso community. There are also areas that have been raised with trash which may be disturbed during the building process. New development must evaluate the polluted areas to minimize risk to the public and the natural environment. 

EPA Study Alviso Page 20

Alviso Master Plan

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