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Environmental Concerns

Due to Alviso being below sea level it has be plagued by legal and illegal land filling. Since not all of the material dumped was inspected there are many locations in Alviso that contain contaminated soil. This contamination can involve oils, asbestos, and other toxic fill. Back in 1994 Alviso was part of a SUPERFUND ran by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This study found high amounts of asbestos in the levees the city built around Alviso after the 1983 flooding event. It also found evidence of other contaminations such as buried gas tanks from gas stations and illegal dumping. The EPA determined that all work yards should be paved to reduce the community's exposure to dust that contains asbestos. After these findings Alviso residents sued multiple land owners for unsanctioned land uses. Many operated heavy equipment such as semi trucks and ran unlicensed operations. Organization De Communidad Alviso was one of the main groups involved in helping protect the community. They later settled in court with the land owners and the business owners. They agreed to fix their operations by applying for permits from the city. Unfortunately, due to lack of enforcement of these conditions over the years many of the issues related to the lawsuit have returned. Many Alviso residents have made reports throughout the years to city code enforcement but many go unheard. 

New Developments

Within the last  5-7 years Alviso has changed from its small town environment to a more metropolitan one. Residents of Alviso voted to establish a master plan for the design of the community in 1998. Although there is a master plan the city usually allows changes to it for big developers. According to the Alviso Master Plan, plans for new projects have to fit in with the communities small nature and have similar building characteristics. With new development like the large warehouses and offices on Disk Dr, Top golf with its new hotel and plans to still develop retail stores on N 1st street. With new plans to build more warehouses across from George Mayne Elementary on N 1st street . These developments create a nuisance to the community with an increase of traffic, air pollution, and noise pollution. Alviso is starting to lose its distinctiveness that makes it such a unique and beautiful place. With the help of the community we plan on improving and preserving Alviso for all to enjoy.

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